the collective

the collective

who we are

La Cuina de l’Empordanet is the name of the collective that brings together a wide group of professionals from the cooking and catering sector, which has been working to disseminate the cuisine of this small region known as the Baix Empordà for many years.

It was in 1995, when the group of restaurant owners who had been organising “la Cuina de l’Empordanet” gastronomy shows once a year since 1983, decided to become a non-profit association, and since then, it has worked on the improvement and dissemination of the cuisine of this small region, all day and every day, individually as well as collectively.

Different profiles and ages able to interchange knowledge and criteria, to complement proposals and to work as a group to raise the quality and prestige of an ancestral cuisine which they have taken on the responsibility to preserve, as well as to update and innovate when convenient and when the demand of the local diners as well as those from further afield has vindicated it.

They are part of the gastronomic history of a land that has achieved gastronomic excellence and has become a worldwide point of reference; not just by being the first group that believed in the identity of the territory’s cuisine, but also for their constant improvements.

Some could say that cooking well is easy in this region, because nature provides us with the very best ingredients, however, without common sense and motivation and the skills and commitment of these professionals, these alone would not be sufficient. 


what we do

Our cuisine is based on the priority use of local, seasonal produce, prepared carefully and with common sense; renewed Empordà cuisine with a great personality; a blend between tradition and vanguardism, whilst preserving our culinary roots.

We enjoy showing off the Empordà countryside at the table. Small details that make our cuisine one of the most highly appreciated ones in the world.

our partners

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