Restaurants that get wet – Mulla’t per l’Esclerosi Múltiple

From the collective La Cuina de l’Empordanet we present the “Mulla’t” campaign of the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation (FEM), which takes place during the month of August.

The mission of the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation is to stop the impact of multiple sclerosis on the lives of the affected people and their environment. They work to promote knowledge and understanding of Multiple Sclerosis to generate a social change in its perception. The FEM constantly carries out actions to raise awareness of the disease because they know that the only way to raise awareness in society about multiple sclerosis is to raise awareness of this disease, which is often invisible.

Since 2020, the group has been participating in the Mulla’t campaign, under the name RESTAURANTS QUE ES MULLEN. The campaign consists of the fact that during the month of August, each restaurant selects a charity dish from its menu and for which it donates €1 to the Foundation.