Gastronomic group

La Cuina de l'Empordanet

A point of reference in terms of the quality of its regional cuisine


La Cuina de l'Empordanet is the name of a group that brings together a wide range of professionals from the world of cooking and restaurants, which has been working, since 1995, with the aim of promoting the gastronomic quality of the land and of identifying the Empordà region as a first-class gastronomic destination.



An Empordà gastronomic group made up of 19 restaurants

  • “We are convinced that the best cuisine is always local” La substància · dins El meu País
    Josep Pla.

  • “The whole Ampurdán, it smells to tempting stoves, where they cook innocent offers of happiness. The Ampurdán is a horizon of soft hills and near villages, a human landscape, as would say Josep Pla, where in addition the chimneys smoke with smell slightly fried and elaborated well nosedive, The traveller of palate is never wrong almost in the Ampurdán …” Manuel Vázquez Montalbán

  • “It would initially seem that there is nothing riskier than putting a chicken and a crustacean, both of which have their own personality, in the same pan. When you explain this to a stranger, not to mention a foreigner, they hold up their hands in astonishment.” El que hem menjat
    Josep Pla.

  • “The identity of local people is shaped by their cuisine. It is deeply rooted in the land and marks the traditions and the tastes of those who live in it.” Rosa Regàs

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