Art and Gastronomy - 2004

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Throughout 2014, the world of cuisine in Girona contributed towards the far-reaching programme of events organised to celebrate the centenary of the birth of the famous Empordà painter Salvador Dalí.

Thirty restaurants, sixteen belonging to the Cuina de l’Empordanet and fourteen of the most representative ones in our region, offered a spectacular symphony of menus based on the products that Salvador Dalí had a special passion for: eggs, crustaceans, geese, ducks, pigs trotters, oxtail, snails and, of course, chocolates.

In a parallel way, thirty contemporary artists from the region participated in the campaign by exhibiting works that referred to the landscape, the food or Salvador Dalí himself in each restaurant. 

ART AND GASTRONOMY was presented in various Spanish and European cities (Brussels, Paris, Zürich, Berlin, Düsseldorf, etc.), representing a huge international projection of this campaign.